What is eVeliko 2.0?

We are now trying to provide complete solutions, not products.

When we started the company, the idea was simple and clear - we'll focus on doing products. We will not become the next outsourcing company, that does everything and nothing (like it can do the assembler, web development, Sharepoint consulting, ERP, and everything you can possible imagine). Nothing wrong with this approach, but you need experts, and looking at company that states the above, digging through that company a bit and realizing it's only 10 people, well it smells like mediocre work here...
And I hate mediocre stuff.

So this "business plan" was banned in my head as well internally in the company.

A partial change occurred when we were hired for some projects.

We were struggling financially for a while, trying to sell enough of our 49.99 USD products.
Running out of cash isn't exactly the biggest dream of any founder. So I decided that maybe it is time to do a project and maybe see if we can promote this product to the client, while doing the project. It was probably a good reality check...
A few months passed and we weren't able to sell our idea, I was wondering whether it's the idea, the approach or something else. Anyway, some cash arrived, so off we were with our second product! 

A final struck!

The second product was more ambitious, I was thinking everyone possibly need it. Not that I wasn't thinking that with the first one, but still, I seem to have this need to believe that it's only persistence and we'll have our breakthrough. We started working with various companies as an internal team (some people refer to this style of work as "subcontracting", but I feel like we're always really trying to become part of the team). So, doing this we were able to see where exactly things broke with our initial idea to sell products. 

Sitefinity is more like a large scale enterprise system now. Large companies use it to get their hundreds of sites under the same roof, to run their global operations, to cut some development time / time to market.

Such companies are in a need of solutions, not products. They need the whole thing - doing the code (often teaming up with their internal developers), deploying it, doing some demos / training, doing documentations and last but not least - participating in the after care. 

So it should not be surprise they were hesitating to buy a 49.99 USD product from a 4 people company somewhere in Bulgaria and deploy it to their massive infrastructure, that is supporting their global operations.