SharePoint 2013 to Sitefinity migrations, so long, SharePoint!

SharePoint 2013 to Sitefinity migrations, so long, SharePoint!

Microsoft is discontinuing the support for SharePoint 2013.
Sitefinity is discontinuing the support for SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

Eveliko just released it's first migration from SharePoint 2013 to Sitefinity.
Bellow are some statistics about the project:

Multilingual: Yes (English and Arabic).
SharePoint Setup: Client Specific, about 40 subsites, 2 languages, LTR and RTL
Migrated Pages: about 300.
Migrated Images: Over 4500
Migrated Documents: about 200
Other content types migrated: about 200.
Timeline: 1 month.
Migration type: as is

What was challenging here is that we were able to migrate a lot of data, that was not available out of the box with the Sitefinity SharePoint connector.

In fact - we used an internal product and process we have developed for Sitecore migrations (we have 5 Sitecore to Sitefinity migrations behind our back already) and everything we learned from doing multiple migrations to allow this fast transition.

Here is a screenshot of our tool showing a SharePoint image:
SharePoint to Sitefinity - images

The tool allows us to quickly start by doing direct mappings and also - it gives us the ability to write dynamic code on a field and item level for the custom part (each client is different). It supports multiple languages, images, documents pages and pretty much any content type.

We also ported a few custom components from SharePoint to Sitefinity (we adapted the code or completely rewrote them to Sitefinity).

While our team is very good in Sitefinity and had some knowledge in SharePoint as well - the client played a key role in the success of this project. They were able to support us in every possible direction. From infrastructure (both Sitefinity and SharePoint were on-prem) to quickly taking decisions, in many cases on the spot (should we keep this, where do we move that, etc).

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