Building on top of our success - helping another major bank in Australia and New Zealand streamline their online services with Sitefinity


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Another bank again in Australia and New Zealand needed to improve the customer journey of end clients, allowing them to self serve their needs for specific banking services. They needed a reliable, user friendly digital solution. The solution needed to be (by regulations) - accessible to users with disabilities.


Building upon the success of a previous project for another bank in Australia and New Zealand, our team undertook a comprehensive approach to improve a bank client facing web portal. Our contribution led to the successful resolution of accessibility challenges, enhancement of payment confirmation screens, validation improvements, and better API integration. We optimized the portal for different account types, addressing the specific needs of each type.


  • Accessibility Enhancement:
    We researched and implemented accessibility improvements to ensure the portal is usable by individuals with disabilities. This involved making screen reader improvements, enhancing radio button usage, and ensuring all UI components were compliant with accessibility guidelines.

  • Payment Confirmation Screens:
    We designed and developed different payment confirmation screens to accommodate large amounts of data. This ensured that users receive clear and accurate payment information, facilitating better financial management.

  • Input Validation:
    We addressed the lack of input validation by implementing robust validation mechanisms. This prevented users from entering incorrect or invalid data, enhancing the overall user experience and data accuracy.

  • Account Type Optimization:
    We optimized the portal to handle various account types effectively, ensuring that each account type's unique features and requirements were adequately addressed. This included adjusting UI components, integrating specific API changes, and aligning data presentation.

  • API Integration:
    We worked on integrating various API changes to enhance the portal's functionality and ensure smooth communication between the user interface and backend systems. This involved adjusting API endpoints, error handling, and data retrieval processes.

  • Data Security and Performance:
    We conducted cross-browser and cross-device testing to identify and fix performance issues. Additionally, we implemented security measures to protect user data and ensure a secure browsing experience.

  • Collaborative Approach:
    We engaged in regular bi-weekly stand-up meetings to ensure seamless communication and alignment within the team. This collaborative approach facilitated efficient issue resolution and progress tracking.

  • Documentation and Knowledge Sharing:
    We maintained clear documentation in the team's Wiki, ensuring that knowledge and information were easily accessible to team members. This documentation included API specifications, coding standards, and accessibility guidelines.

This project capitalized on the expertise gained from a prior successful project for another bank in the same region. Through a combination of accessibility enhancements, API integration, input validation, and account type optimization, we effectively addressed the identified issues and contributed to the overall success of the project, providing users with an improved and more user-friendly experience.