Helping another vendor migrate complex modules in a couple of weeks from Sitecore to Sitefinity


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Another vendor needed assistance while they were migrating their part of a multi-vendor project, that consisted on multiple websites in Sitecore. They faced some modules with complex relations and a lot of data, which was in English and Arabic.


We utilized our internal tool and processes that we have built for previous projects and were able to help migrating the modules to their new structure. Utilizing our tool made it way easier to remap the data to new modules, because it allows easy (end user) mappings for the basic fields and also does a great job at allowing custom logic when needed. Our previous experience with Sitecore on one hand and with RTL / Arabic and English on the other played key role in advising some minor changes and strategies on handling content that is not translated or reused across languages.


  • Content review and minor changes

    We started by mapping the data and also advised some minor changes that are needed in order for the content to be reused across languages when needed.

  • Real time communication

    We maintained open instant messaging channel with the other vendor during the entire project, collaborating on the modules and challenges in order to overcome them together. The turnaround on both sides was amazing and we were able to make any changes both on the code and on the data transfer almost in near real time.

  • Ensuring quality in real time

    We were available and were able to do any changes as needed during the QA phase, ensuring there is no delay. Most of the findings were addressed by either team on the same day. 

Utilizing our tool we were able to help migrate about 4500 items on one of the websites, including media (documents and images) and 900 or so items on the other in a span of about two weeks. As a result - the Sitecore data was successfully migrated both in English and Arabic and some changes according to our guidance were made to the code, so multilingual data is utilized properly and falls back properly if the item is not translated. This made it possible to reproduce the same content strategy logic as on Sitecore and avoid unnecessary content translation.