Innovative Community Platform for UAE's


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For a Government office in the UAE, we crafted more than just a website; we built a vibrant community platform. This project was centered around creating a digital space for innovators, researchers, and entities from both private and public sectors, fostering collaboration. Our role encompassed Sitefinity HTML implementation, Frontend and Backend development, go live assistance hyper care and support.

Our team tackled various challenges, from agenda enhancements and user engagement features like improved followers/following functionalities, to content creation and rigorous bug fixing. We paid special attention to cross-browser compatibility and template refinements. The integration of new AR content and corporate task solutions further enriched the user experience.

Beyond the technical aspects, our comprehensive Sitefinity consulting and development services guaranteed a smooth go-live. We provided on-site consulting as needed, managed data migration, and conducted a full platform migration. To empower the client's team, we offered tailored Sitefinity training.