Shopping cart with SAP, internal systems and Sitefinity integration to allow faculty members request purchases


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We provided expert Sitefinity consulting and development services to a prominent Science and Technology University in the Middle East. Our mission was clear: seamlessly integrate their existing shopping cart with SAP to optimize their e-commerce processes. Here's how we achieved it:

Middleware Integration: Middleware services were used as the SAP installation was under strict security measurements, this implementation was done by the internal dev team of the client.

End-to-End Implementation: From product listings to order processing and tracking, we took charge of the entire journey on Sitefinity, simplifying the user experience and enhancing efficiency.

Internal Number Tracking and Validation: Our solution included a system for tracking and validating internal numbers, guaranteeing financial accuracy.

Cost Center Management: We enabled the university to allocate costs to various centers, streamlining budget management and resource allocation.

LDAP Server Integration: Faculty members enjoyed seamless access using their existing LDAP server credentials, enhancing security and user convenience.

Smooth Ordering Process: Our implementation resulted in a user-friendly ordering process for faculty members, enhancing satisfaction and productivity.

Accounting and Order Tracking: With our solution, the university's accounting team gained precise order tracking capabilities, ensuring financial accountability and reporting accuracy.

Results: Our project led to tangible benefits, including cost savings, heightened efficiency, and improved user satisfaction. We reduced processing times and increased order accuracy, resulting in a smoother, more cost-effective operation.