On Premise Sitefinity Azure DevOps setup for a client in Saudi Arabia


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The client was limited by regulations, preventing them from hosting Sitefinity on Azure. There wasn't a proper source control, posing a significant risk to the client Sitefinity investment. At the same time - Sitefinity was adopted at a rapid speed, making the existing workflow inefficient and risky.


We installed and configured an on premises CI/CD pipelines and Git Repository, that allows the client to have their Sitefinity projects under source control. Have automatic builds (Sitefinity Continuous integration), releases (Sitefinity Continuous delivery), everything being hosted on internal, on premise IIS servers. 

With this setup - the client has a much better and safer infrastructure, that allows them to grow their Sitefinity on premises infrastructure with ease.

Eveliko provided a step by step guide, that allows the client development team to create new pipelines in the future, allowing them to scale as much as they like.