Internal web application Sitecore to Sitefinity migration for a prominent investor in the Middle East


  • Real Estate


Our engagement involved a complex multi-vendor project aimed at migrating multiple Sitecore website instances to Sitefinity. These instances encompassed a mix of public and internal websites, custom business logic, and additional services and functionalities. All of this had to occur concurrently with other vendors migrating their respective components. In addition - the users that need to have access to the system were in a separate custom database.


Our team played a pivotal role in addressing the project's challenges and ensuring its successful execution. We provided technical leadership, guided client stakeholders, and took on the responsibility of organizing the project's various aspects, including development and knowledge transfer. We utilized a state of the art migration tool, that helped with rather complex data migrations.


  • Technical Leadership and Client Guidance:

    We were often in the role of technical leaders, helping set the overall strategy for the go live and consulting the client and other teams. This involved providing expertise, making critical decisions, and offering solutions to technical challenges.

  • Migration Expertise:

    We successfully spearheaded a migration effort for another vendor's projects, validating the reliability and effectiveness of our migration tool and process. This encompassed handling data migrations, optimizing processes, and ensuring a seamless transition.

  • Project Organization:

    We took the initiative to organize the project's activities, from task distribution to coordinating teams. Our efforts led to improved collaboration, streamlined processes, and enhanced project efficiency.

  • Development and Architecture:

    We actively participated in the development process, working on critical components such as architecture design, performance optimization, and feature implementation. Our technical expertise contributed to the project's successful implementation.

  • Knowledge Transfer:

    We facilitated the knowledge transfer process, ensuring that the project team and other vendors gained a comprehensive understanding of the tools, processes, and methodologies involved. This helped in enhancing collaboration and reducing potential bottlenecks.

  • Stakeholder Coordination:

    We played a key role in coordinating tasks, sign-offs, and deployments. Our efforts ensured that the project progressed smoothly and aligned with stakeholders' expectations.

  • Technical Problem-Solving:

    We addressed various technical challenges, ranging from security scans to performance optimizations. Our expertise contributed to identifying and resolving issues, ensuring the project's quality and reliability.

These activities collectively demonstrate our commitment to technical excellence, leadership, and collaboration, which were instrumental in achieving the project's goals while also assisting other vendors in their migration efforts.

Our approach underscores the reliability of our migration tools, our thorough process, and our extensive knowledge in the field.