Sitecore to Sitefinity full migration of a complex public website for a prominent Investor in the Middle East


  • Real Estate


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  • Sitefinity Development,
  • Sitefinity Go Live Assistance,
  • Sitefinity Data Migration


The client had a Sitecore instance with many websites and needed to get started by migrating the most complex one to be used as a base for the rest. The website had a lot of custom (legacy code), a lot of content and was also consuming a lot of external services. It also provided a good number of services to other consumers (mobile applications and web sites).


Our team focused on providing technical leadership and preparation for the migration project, aiming to successfully migrate the existing Sitecore website to the Sitefinity platform while preserving its functionalities and responsive design.


  • Planning and Preparation:

    We conducted multiple planning meetings to outline the project scope, timelines, and resource requirements. This involved discussions on project kick-off, architecture, content structure, and migration strategies.

  • Technical Discussions:

    We actively engaged in architectural discussions, both internal and with the client's team, to ensure a clear understanding of the challenges and requirements of the migration process.

  • Responsive Design Validation:

    We dedicated time to validate the responsive design and views of the migrated website, identifying any inconsistencies or issues and implementing fixes to ensure a seamless user experience across different devices.

  • Functionality Migration:

    We migrated various functionalities such as blogs, blog posts, guest services, offers, stores, and more from Sitecore to Sitefinity, ensuring that all features were successfully transferred.

  • Content Item Enhancements:

    We implemented enhancements to content items, improving SEO data and at the same time making it easier for content editors to create new content which was reported as difficult with Sitecore.

  • Booking Modules:

    We successfully migrated booking modules for various services that the tenants of the investor offered, transferring the old entries as well for historical purposes.

  • Quality Assurance Strategy:

    We planned and implemented a quality assurance strategy to ensure that the migrated website met the required standards, including thorough testing of various components and features. We helped the QA team adjust to the lean methodologies we had to use in order to ensure quick turnaround.

  • Continuous Communication:

    We actively participated in frequent discussions and meetings to keep all stakeholders informed about the progress, challenges, and next steps in the migration project. We held weekly demos to ensure we are not missing critical components and logic.

This showcase demonstrates our commitment to technical leadership, planning, and collaborative efforts in successfully migrating the complex Sitecore website to Sitefinity. Through careful validation, functional migration, and quality assurance, we ensured a smooth transition while maintaining the website's responsive design and functionalities, SEO and content editing best practices.