Sitecore to Sitefinity migration - speeding up content team for a website migration


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The client had a Sitecore instance with many websites and needed a new website to be set up for content migration from Sitecore to Sitefinity. They needed to quickly get the Sitefinity website setup and also - get the content that is going to be reused migrated from Sitecore to Sitefinity in order to unblock the custom content population.


Our team focused on providing technical leadership and preparation for the migration project, aiming to successfully migrate the existing Sitecore website to the Sitefinity platform while preserving its functionalities and responsive design.


  • Planning and Preparation:

    We conducted multiple planning meetings to outline the project scope, timelines, and resource requirements. This involved discussions on project kick-off, architecture, content structure, and migration strategies.

  • Technical Discussions:

    We actively engaged in architectural discussions, both internal and with the client's team, to ensure a clear understanding of the challenges and requirements of the migration process.

  • Workarounds for organizational issues:

    We were able to provide a workaround for a very specific need that the client had - they needed to duplicate some of the content from existing website to another one which was already created and could not be just deleted and recreated. We were able to provide a workaround and successfully moved the content, significantly speeding the process (we were told this single activity reduced the timeline by two weeks).

  • Quality Assurance Strategy:

    We planned and implemented a quality assurance strategy to ensure that the migrated website met the required standards, including thorough testing of various components and features. We helped the QA team adjust to the lean methodologies we had to use in order to ensure quick turnaround.