Page speed stats shortcut in Sitefinity page grid

Often after you publish a page in Sitefinity, you need to check whether you broke something.

One of the things we need pretty regularly as a Sitefinity partner is to check whether a certain page performs well enough in Google Page Speed. This requires a bunch of steps.

Instead, just putting this script, you will have a link in the Sitefinity backend pages grid, if you click it, the page will be shown in Google Page Speed:

  • Go to: Administrtion => Settings => Advanced => ContentView => Controls => FrontendPages => View Modes => TreeTable => Columns.
  • Click Create and select "DynamicColumnElement"
  • The following code should be added in the client template field:

  • Fill in "Google Page Speed" in "TitleText" column.
  • Fill in the rest of the properties as desired. For example - you can add CSS classes for item and header in order to style the column properly. You can leave Bound Property Name field empty.
  • Save

You should be able to see your column in the pages grid.
Each page should have a link called "Google Page Speed"

Please note - if you just published the page - Sitefinity will need to recompile it and bring it to the cache, so it may be slower.

Google Page Speed on the other side caches the results for a page for 30 seconds, which may lead to confusion.