Reviving a Digital Banking Sitefinity Project in Australia and New Zealand


  • Financial


  • Sitefinity Development,
  • Sitefinity Go Live Assistance,
  • Sitefinity Audit,
  • Sitefinity Consulting


The bank was facing pressing issues following troubles with their previous partner, leading to a critical situation affecting their operations and customer experience.


Our team was brought in to address the urgent challenges and stabilize the situation. We went above and beyond to understand the bank's unique problems and provided innovative solutions that went the extra mile to ensure the project's success. Through thorough analysis and dedicated efforts, we fixed the issues and provided a solid foundation for the bank's operations.


  • Custom Authentication Setup:
    Implemented a tailored authentication system to enhance security and streamline user access.

  • Accessibility Improvements:
    Identified and resolved accessibility issues related to screen readers, form fields, and dropdowns, enhancing the user experience for all customers.

  • Debugging and Troubleshooting:
    Thoroughly investigated and resolved deployment caching issues, production problems, and issues with Node.js and NPM to ensure a smooth functioning environment.

  • Collaboration and Communication:
    Engaged in regular sync meetings with the team to discuss updates, progress, and challenges, fostering effective collaboration.

  • Rate Limiting and Security:
    Implemented rate limiting functionality and conducted penetration tests to identify and fix security vulnerabilities, safeguarding customer data.

  • Custom Tool Development:
    Created custom tools to debug accessibility issues and streamline troubleshooting processes, contributing to faster issue resolution.

  • Form Enhancements:
    Optimized form layouts, validation, and logic to prevent user errors and improve overall usability.

  • API Integration:
    Worked on integrating APIs to improve data accuracy and flow between systems, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Code Review and Refactoring:
    Reviewed and refactored existing code to enhance readability, maintainability, and performance of the application.

  • Documentation and Knowledge Sharing:
    Documented solutions, best practices, and troubleshooting steps for the bank's team, enabling them to manage future challenges effectively.

Through our efforts and comprehensive problem-solving, we successfully resolved critical issues and contributed to stabilizing the bank's operations, ensuring a seamless experience for their customers while establishing a solid foundation for future growth.