Enhancing Digital Operations for a Leading Global Steel Manufacturer


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  • Sitefinity Upgrade,
  • Sitefinity Development


In the competitive world of steel manufacturing, where precision and efficiency are paramount, managing a diverse range of web development tasks is a significant challenge.

For teams working with Sitefinity, this involves juggling minor UI/UX fixes and major functional upgrades, all while adhering to strict timelines.

The complexity increases when the client is a top-tier player in the industry with operations spread across multiple countries. The team needs to address quick fixes like adjusting text sizes and layouts, as well as undertake extensive enhancements like revamping website navigation.

Integrating the latest Sitefinity features to keep the website up-to-date adds another layer of complexity.


To navigate these challenges, the team implemented a straightforward strategy focusing on effective time management, leveraging Sitefinity's advanced capabilities, and fostering strong teamwork.

Utilizing Sitefinity's features, such as its responsive design tools, the team efficiently addressed tasks related to mobile and tablet views. Staying current with Sitefinity's updates enabled us to seamlessly implement new functionalities, enhancing the user experience.

Regular team meetings ensured cohesive planning and execution. This collective approach was particularly beneficial for complex tasks, such as ensuring cross-browser compatibility and fine-tuning navigation features.

This case study exemplifies the impact of strategic planning, smart utilization of Sitefinity tools, and collaborative effort in delivering successful web solutions for a leading player in the global steel industry.