How we helped Canadian Non-Profit Women Equality achieve improved functionality in Sitefinity


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A Canadian educational institution was facing multiple challenges with their online platform. The issues ranged from technical bugs to user experience concerns. Key problems included:

  1. Website Navigation and Access Issues:
    Users were frequently redirected to the login page when trying to access various links, leading to a poor user experience.

  2. Functional Bugs:
    There were recurring bugs in key features like the Program Finder, which impacted the functionality and reliability of the platform.

  3. Design Inconsistencies:
    The employer portal lacked a cohesive design, making it difficult for users to navigate and access necessary information efficiently.

  4. Performance and Security Concerns: The website was experiencing performance issues, and there were concerns about the security and stability of the platform, especially after updates and patches.


Our team tackled these challenges through a series of strategic steps, leveraging our expertise in Sitefinity and Azure cloud services:

  1. Enhanced User Navigation:
    We resolved the redirection issues by debugging and fixing link navigations, ensuring a smooth user experience.

  2. Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements:
    Addressed and resolved all identified bugs, especially in the Program Finder feature. This included fixing license list issues and enhancing filtering options.

  3. Design Overhaul:
    Conducted a comprehensive design review of the Employer Portal, implementing a new skin design to improve user interface and consistency.

  4. Performance Optimization:
    Worked on stabilizing the build and performance of the site, especially post-patch and update periods, ensuring both speed and security were up to standard.

  5. Continuous Monitoring and Updates:
    Established a routine of regular checks, database restorations, and front-end fixes to maintain the platform's integrity and user satisfaction.

Through these concerted efforts, we not only resolved the immediate issues faced by the client but also laid a foundation for a more robust, user-friendly, and secure online educational platform.