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The client had a legacy project which suffered numerous performance issues. The issues were so severe, that the website was becoming unresponsive and was sometimes out of order after the content editors change something on the backend.


We used our knowledge in Performance optimizations, Sitefinity in general and Open Access (the Sitefinity ORM) to troubleshoot the problematic issues. In addition - we identified that the website was built as a .Net Website instead as web application, causing additional recompilations and peaking performance.


  • Performance Optimization: Our team undertook comprehensive performance analysis, identifying and optimizing critical methods, resulting in significant speed improvements. Through code review and performance tuning, we managed to identify and improve critical performance areas.

  • Migration Excellence: The project was migrated to a Web Application, enhancing scalability, reducing the compilations needed to serve content.

  • Script Cleanup: We methodically removed unused scripts, reducing unnecessary overhead and enhancing the application's agility. This effort contributed to a more streamlined and efficient codebase.

  • Technical Problem Solving: Complex issues related to the Web App and Open Access integration were promptly resolved.

  • Cache Implementation: We implementing caching to improve the performance on some of the critical code (the pricing module).

  • Collaborative Approach: Regular daily sync sessions facilitated transparent communication and alignment with project goals, enabling swift issue resolution and project advancement.

Our commitment to addressing performance challenges, optimizing code, and seamless collaboration positions us as the ideal partner to enhance your web application's capabilities. With a track record of successfully improving digital experiences and streamlining technical solutions, our Sitefinity expertise guarantees a resilient and high-performing application that aligns with your organization's goals.