Transforming Legacy CMS to Sitefinity DXP for a Leading Bulgarian Bank


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A leading Bulgarian Bank was using an old proprietary system to run their main website. The system required marketing team to prepare the content, which then has to either be sent to the IT team for deployments to the live website or be manually uploaded. This was dramatically impacting the bank ability to execute marketing strategies.


Using our Sitefinity skills, the built in functionalities and some custom development - we were able to streamline the bank CMS and empower the marketing team. For the next 2 years we were with the bank, providing them different maintenance services, additional consulting and development.


  • Utilizing Sitefinity out of the box features

    Moving to Sitefinity alone was a big performance improvement for the bank, the content editors were able to do modifications, speeding up their go to market significantly compared to the previous system.

  • Connecting inputs to the site

    Connecting systems that need to push data to the public website (such as creating fully autonomous section for their public offers) additionally boosted the performance and allowed the marketing team to focus on the marketing rather than performing mundane tasks on a daily basis.

  • Connecting outputs from the site

    Building on top of the Sitefinity forms feature, we developed custom forms functionality which allows clients to book meetings with bank representatives.
    The bookings are integrated and push data to the bank internal systems. The custom functionality we developed also allows clients to reschedule meetings, making the bank website one of the most user friendly at that time.

  • Engaging Sales Detail Pages

    By introducing "related" lists for detail views, we fostered cross-selling opportunities and enriched customer interactions, leading to higher engagement and increased conversion rates. In addition, we developed custom functionality that allowed marketing team to attach custom forms to the bank products, making it easier to capture contextual user information.

  • Global Accessibility

    We eliminated translation challenges by refining search result translations, filters, and paging, guaranteeing seamless interaction for customers across multiple languages.

  • Performance and SEO improvements

    Our experts overhauled performance bottlenecks by rectifying paging glitches, refining URLs, and ensuring compliance with cookie laws. This resulted in faster load times and a smoother navigation experience for customers.

  • Empowering Financial Decisions

    We seamlessly integrated credit calculators into the bank's website, empowering customers to make informed financial choices directly on the platform.

  • Strategic Consultation

    Our team provided invaluable technical consultation, enhancing project management, quality assurance, and task management, ensuring the bank's digital transformation success.

Our Sitefinity expertise equips the bank with an unparalleled advantage in the Bulgarian financial landscape. Through our tailor-made solutions, we elevate the digital banking experience, foster customer loyalty, and empower the bank to thrive in the era of digital finance. As a partner dedicated to innovation, we enable the bank to provide its customers with cutting-edge financial services while maintaining its position as a market leader.