Helping UK Recruitment Company integrate their Sitefinity cloud instance with BulHorn APIs


  • Human Resources


  • Sitefinity Development,
  • Sitefinity Go Live Assistance


The recruitment company needed help integrating their existing career portal with BullHorn APIs, ensuring the necessary adjustments for the Sitefinity Cloud, analytics, APIs, and other tech setups are well-aligned with the new platform.


 1. Consulting and Planning:

- Conducted Sitefinity consulting to understand and plan the migration process.

- Reviewed the existing infrastructure and laid out a migration plan including integration with BullHorn and transitioning to Sitefinity Cloud.

2. Development and Testing:

- Our development team carried out Sitefinity development to ensure the career portal is compatible and fully functional on the new platform.

- Set up the environment and conducted rigorous testing to identify and fix issues prior to going live.

3. Communication and Coordination:

- Facilitated technical discussions to address concerns and ensure everyone is on the same page.

- Provided regular status updates to keep the project on track and to make informed decisions.

4. Go-Live Assistance:

- Offered Go Live assistance to ensure a successful and smooth transition to the live environment.

- Reviewed and suggested improvements to the analytics tag manager to ensure accurate data tracking post-migration.

5. Technical Leadership and Management Support:

- Provided continuous technical leadership and management support to navigate through challenges and ensure the recruitment company achieves its desired goals with the migration.

6. Post-Launch Review:

- Conducted API revisits and made necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance and functionality post-launch.